Unified Orchestration Platform

Rapid application development platform for Event, Data & Process Flows with Integrated Machine Learning / Analytics

What is Amper?

Amper is a Comprehensive Unified Orchestration Platform with

of Big Data and Stream Analytics based Data Flow, Event Flow & Process Flow applications.
Powerful iBPMS Application Platform

to build advanced process applications.
Extensible Business Rules and Pattern Recognition

with Machine Learning & AI powered applications and simple configurations.

with Enterprise Mobile App generation support.

Cloud and On-Premise Deployment Models


Event Flow

Create actionable event flows or high-speed data-in-motion applications with complex events, simplified through drag-and-drop orchestration.

Data flow

Build applications that analyze your data-at-rest to uncover newer patterns and models and apply it as micro-services.

Process Flow

A comprehensive process automation suite that provides end-to-end coverage for a variety of complex enterprise business processes.


Discover, interpret, transform, and present both streaming data and big data in visually stunning reports with data visualization.

Big Data

Design and build data flow applications that connect to both traditional databases and big data with multiple layers of security.


Connect to more than 200 disparate systems on the cloud and on-premises to deliver complex applications through easy-to-use libraries.

Business Rules

Complexity of decision logic made simple through comprehensive BRMS that can change and work for you even at run-time!

Machine Learning

Next-Gen data analysis and learning through model building and pattern recognition using complex algorithms from standard libraries.

How Does it work?

Envision & Model
  • Model your Process, Data & Event Flow applications
  • Define Rules, Forms, Events, Patterns & Integrations
  • Define Dashboards and Reports
  • Define Roles and Access Rights
  • Create Enterprise Mobile or Web Applications
Test & Deploy
  • Deploy the designed applications On-Cloud or On-Premise
  • Configure all data sources, user roles, repositories and access rights
  • Test on Staging & roll-out on Production with a single click
  • Generate/Roll-out Web or Mobile Applications
Analyze & Learn
  • Simulate, analyze and recognize running applications
  • Continuously learn (Machine Learning) patterns from previous events and data sources
  • Use the new learnings to improve decision making
Manage & Improve
  • Manage deployed and live applications through its versions, users and access rights
  • Manage archives, reports and configurations
  • Continuous improvements with agility & lower cost of change

Customer Stories

Why Amper?


Majority of  applications fall into one of the three dimensions viz., Event Flow, Data Flow and Process Flow, enterprises are striving to integrate these into applications that are capable of meeting a variety of their key objectives, e.g., Efficient OpEx, Customer Satisfaction, Business Agility, Technological Independence, Scalability etc.

Amper as a platform helps you to realize any of these applications quickly and efficiently, while working with any of your existing infrastructure.

The objective is to quickly design, develop, and deploy complex, integrated, large projects using Amper.

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