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Online Money Transfer System

Introduction There has been a sharp growth in remittance of money from non-resident Indians to family, friends or relatives living in India, since 1991. These remittances have exceeded foreign direct investment in the recent years, and have been valued at 66.1 billion compared to $46.84 billion as FDI in 2012-13. With its ability to handle […]

The Venturator – Deal Discovery Platform

Introduction The Venturator Deal Discovery Platform is an independent product built on top of the Amper Application Acceleration Platform (AmperAXP). AmperAXP provides an easy and reliable platform for venture capitalists and start-ups to come together and achieve their business goals. The Challenge With large number of startups getting formed, The Venturator wanted to build a […]

Customer Support through Social Media Response Cell

Introduction Customer Satisfaction has been always the highest priority for any company. For one of the large consumer product companies, the social media responses were a challenge. Since automation using any pre-defined process system was not possible, the customer chose AmperAXP as a platform to address the need of event stream processing from Twitter, Sentiment […]