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Quadwave Consulting, Bangalore, India:

Air-Travel Search Engine

The Problem

A California based travel information Corporation needed a solution that would allow their customers to search for and identify air travel options to ensure that they get the lowest priced fares.

The Solution

Quadwave came up with a solution which offers a mature and patented next generation technology to search and display the cheapest air fares to any destination. The solution helped the customer in  identifying more air travel options  to ensure that the lowest priced flights are chosen as often as possible.  The comprehensive air-travel search engine helped them bring a much needed solution to both travelers and carriers. Travelers can search across hundreds of websites and multiple carriers, including the discount carriers and wholesalers and get a detailed comparison of their itinerary - all in the time it would take to check just one site. The customer’s carrier partners benefit from the Dynamically Priced Fares  which insures that a visitor to the site always sees the carrier partner's dynamically priced fare at the point of sale as the lowest.
The solution was implemented using J2EE, Hibernate, RMI.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive search engine that searches extensively across the web
  • Locates the lowest priced flights across various travel options
  • Dynamically Priced Fares visible to visitor at any given point of time

The solution helped the customer offer their customers highly competitive air fares and maintain a competitive edge in the low cost air travel business segment.