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Quadwave Consulting, Bangalore, India:

Survey Designer and Deployment system

The Problem

An international HR Services provider whose service portfolio includes Executive Search, Staffing, Consulting and Outsourcing to Automation and Training needed a solution that would allow them to carry out numerous surveys among their target groups to help with their service offerings. They needed a product that would allow the management to quickly design, build and deploy the online surveys without having to depend on programmers which would have caused long delays in carrying out the surveys.

The Solution

The solution approach adopted by Quadwave was to build a do-it-yourself Survey Designer and Deployment system that would allow the customer to create and conduct their own surveys amongst their defined groups. The solution provided for an intuitive approach to defining the layout of the questionnaire, the categorization of the questions and the questions themselves. The reports provided would help with the analysis of the responses received from the target groups and help the customer with planning and strategizing around their service offerings.
The total solution included the client-facing survey designer and the survey engine which was hosted on a server. The technologies used in this solution were .NET and C#.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Design of the survey format and questions can be created by business groups
  • Word report of the tabulated results
  • Flexibility in scheduling frequency and type of surveys.
  • Reports can be prepared based on the results provided by the survey engine interpreted by the business users
  • All of the above can be done without any dependency on programmers.

The solution provided by Quadwave allowed the customer to eliminate dependencies on their programming staff and design and deploy survey questionnaires and tabulate results independently. This gave them the flexibility of designing and scheduling surveys based on management needs.