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Quadwave Consulting, Bangalore, India:

Social Network Application

The Problem

Viacom 18, is a joint venture operation in India between Viacom Inc., the world’s leading entertainment content company, and the Network18 Group, (one of India's leading full play media conglomerates.) Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd. which includes the vibrant youth brand - MTV, Nick, Vh1 , Studio18, and the Hindi Entertainment channel - COLORS
Viacom 18 required an online application that would promote their general entertainment channel COLORS online among the various social networks on the web.

The solution

Quadwave helped Viacom18 conceptualize the solution and later designed and built the application that would allow the COLORS brand to be promoted amongst the popular online social networking groups. The application was conceptualized to be centred on and revolve around a theme that was integral to the channel. The application was built based on this and was completely integrated into Facebook. This allowed the users to import their profiles and complete friend’s lists into it and invite them to share in the application. This provided a strong mechanism for engaging the users of the social networking group and spreading the brand awareness in a viral manner through the network.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Strategic application for spreading brand awareness
  • Integration with the social networking site Facebook
  • Application allows user to invite friends to participate in the application
  • TV Channel promotion within large communities
  • Viral effect of application spreads the awareness of the Channel across the communities

The application helped the customer gain a lot in terms of spreading brand awareness among the largest social networking group online. The application was conceptualized so that it linked in with the brand image of the tv channel and engaged the users ensuring that it spread virally through the online social networking community.