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Quadwave Consulting, Bangalore, India:

Document Approval Management Process

The Problem:

A Fortune Global 500 conglomerate company that manufactures a large range of regional and business aircraft needed to replace their manual process of document management and approvals management that was being done using emails and courier services. They required a complete online document management system that would handle all aspects of document submissions, approvals and document management between itself and its customers.

The Solution

The solution developed and implemented by Quadwave provided a solution for a collaboration system that would handle the complete document approval management process which included enabling and managing the sharing, submittals and approval process of these documents between itself and its customer. The system provided a central document repository which could be accessible via the Web to all designated project participants from both the companies. The system provided a work flow to control the submittal / approval and delegation process as well as document versioning and E-mail notification. This replaced the existing system in which the documents had to be printed and sent out by courier parcels and email attachments for approval.

The solution provided by Quadwave was a BPM/Workflow implementation that used technologies .NET, SQL Server and SKELTA BPM.NET.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves time and money by eliminating courier parcels and E-mail transmittals
  •  Improves document visibility and exchange
  •  Improves submittal / approval response time
  •  Provides for efficient monitoring of document status and transaction delays.

The customer was able to improve efficiency and save time by moving to a complete online collaboration system that provided for fast document exchange and approvals and management.