C Narasimha Prasad


C Narasimha Prasad

Finance Manager, Quadwave, India

Prasad has over 25 years of experience in the Finance and Accounts domain and served in various industries.  He possess broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing, taxation, finance management and management accounting.

Good team player with effective time management skills, systematic and accurate in his recording system. Maintains cordial relationship among co-workers. His strengths includes personal qualities such as strong ethics, honesty, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and pleasing personality.

Prasad is known for his excellence in the Microsoft Excel skills.

He has an MBA in Finance from Adam Smith University of America, Master’s Diploma in Business Administration from TASMAC and  Bachelor degree in Commerce from Mysore University.

Prasad’s artwork and his skills to make fabulous things out of old newspaper is adorable.