Sanjay Koppikar


Sanjay Koppikar

Chief Executive Officer, Quadwave, India

Sanjay Koppikar, the Chief Executive Officer of Quadwave, has been in the IT domain for three decades. His experience and knowledge, both are extremely valuable and sought after at Quadwave.

Sanjay, a born leader firmly believes in the Happiness Pyramid and always care for his employees. He has varied levels of experience viz., Business Development, Offshore Development, Strategic Management, and Operations Management. His expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the greatest selling points of Quadwave. Sanjay leads Quadwave with passion, humility, and immense strength. He has authored two books and his latest book is “Divided Minds”.

Sanjay Koppikar holds a Fast Track General Management Program degree from IIM Bangalore.