B2B digital marketing management product

The customer is a global marketing services and solutions company. They work with large organizations as well as lesser known vendors and entrepreneurial startups. They have provided marketing management expertise and consultancy to some of the most complex marketing programs.


The customer is a global company who has a number of clients across different domains. Their aim is to help the companies maximise the return on partner value, reduce the cost, and improve the return on investment.

Their main offerings include providing marketing management to various clients, and hence, they wanted a platform designed specifically to manage marketing programs without increasing the cost or impacting the business services. Additional requirements given were a single repository and an integrated reporting framework that allows operational reports to get delivered to the users in a simple and quick method, so that they can focus on what is important.


Quadwave designed a portal specifically to help large organizations to manage their marketing programs without increasing the cost and there by reducing the turnaround time. The product utilizes a pre-configured, customizable rule-based design to reduce the time taken in budget formulation, claim processing, payment in multi-currencies, incentives, deals and lead generation.

It will be used by the marketing departments globally to set the budgets/goals and to measure the effectiveness of the associated marketing activities at each quarter.Further, the system will track the actual results of the programs of marketing activities and the corresponding results/costs throughout the quarter.

Key Features

The product includes the following key modules:

  • Marketing Development Fund–this can be used globally to set budgets and goals; and to measure their effectiveness.
  • Lead Generation – the portal infrastructure can be used to access, manage, and report on the lead status.
  • Communication is done through e-mail or printed data, where embedded URLs are used messages and other web pages within the portal.
  • Resource Management – a library of ready-to-use materials which can be downloaded and used or customized to suit the partner.
  • Electronic Promotion – a module which provided the vendors the tools for quick creation of flexible, time-limited incentives, to enable partners to focus on a particular product or service.
  • Deal Registration- provided differential pricing to the partners and rewards them with guaranteed profit on specified deals.
  • Incentives- enabled the partners to register into an incentive program, check their status, validate claims, and spend their rewards.

Technical Specifications

The application was built using:

  • NET, C#, ASP.NET Web API
  • MS SQL Server
  • JS, jQuery
  • Iceberg, Sitefinity


  • Apart from being a wholesome example of an enterprise solution, the product was developed under the Agile Software Development Methodology using all the latest technologies.