Remote Infrastructure Management company gets a Process and SLA Portal Solution

The customer is a renowned remote infrastructure management company;engaged in the business of improving the productivity of IT-enabled processes and automating those processes in a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective fashion. They were looking for a solution that would improve productivity. Quadwave stepped in and solved multiple problems.Situation

The customer is a leading remote infrastructure management company.They offer clients a cost-effective and high-quality outsourcing option for IT operations. They deliver enterprise-grade data center and IT management outsourcing by providing analytics and automation software to their clients worldwide.

As they cater to many enterprises across different business verticals, they wanted to automate, define, manage, and monitor the processes and performances through a single window solution. Remote infrastructure management had always been critical for many of their customers, and hence, they incorporated complex SLAs and business rules.


Quadwave’s solution allowed the organization to define customized processes to each of their clients with specific SLAs and deliver a pro-active service through a SaaS model.

The application was built around a web-based workflow engine, enterprise portal, BI platform, document management systems, ESB and many more.

Key Features

  • Graphically intuitive, the solution contained simple-to-use process designs that helped any process consultant to define and deploy processes without any developer intervention.
  • Provided a comprehensive, secure BPM design, and Enterprise portal solution.
  • Complex Business Rules management were offered.
  • The solution offered dashboards, document management and performance monitoring.
  • The solution also offered SLA management, escalations, delegations, multi-tasking, and many more.

Technical Specifications

The application was built using:

  • Java/J2EE, Liferay Enterprise Portal, Pentaho
  • jBPM, jRules, Alfresco/MOSS, Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • .NET, C#, WPF


  • Quadwave helped the customer to solve multiple problems and offered apro-active SLA management solution to get higher returns.
  • The solution also helped the customer to acquire funding during the peak recession period thereby fuelling their growth significantly.