Transformation of a traditional BPM engine to a comprehensive iBPMS Suite

Being a pioneer in the BPM industry, the client had developed the first comprehensive BPM solution for the Microsoft platform.However, they needed an integrated suite which included the process designer, form designer, and portal. Quadwave successfully came up with a solution to seamlessly integrate the form designer, process designer, BPM engine, and the portal.


The client needed a unified Enterprise BPM solution integrating the App builder, Form designer, Enterprise Manager, and Work Centre. Since these were disparate elements, the Form Designer was built using Microsoft Visio and the Portal was designed using SharePoint.The focus was to integrate the elements and create a unified experience for the enterprise user.

As a leading BPM solution provider, based out of USA, with more than 1000 installation bases across the globe, the client wanted to upgrade their technology to a rich internet based application- encompassing a process designer, a report engine, and dashboards.

They wanted major changes and additions along with new deployment options. They needed a solution that provides an integrated front end that allows configurable access for a group of users including role definitions and permissions.


The application was built around a web-based workflow engine, an enterprise portal, a BI platform, document management systems, and an ESB along with several other options.

The integrated web-based portal supports comprehensive reporting and dash boarding, collaboration, provides an application builder, and an execution platform.

The application allows the end users to create workflows,business apps, and system integrations that even go beyond what most enterprise BPMs are capable of.

Key Features

  • The integrated front-end allowed configurable access for a group of users including role definitions and permissions.
  • The integrated front-end provided a portable task management feature, which is one of the biggest advantages,that provides the ability to access the work center.
  • The integrated front-end also enables third-party solution providers to create SaaS applications for their customers.
  • The new forms designer offered an improved look, feel, and interface that makes the creation of anything from simple forms to complex, intelligent, tabbed forms much easier and faster to build.
  • The new forms designer allowed the creation of a single form and to visualize how it will look on different types of devices, such that,it can be configured for use on desktop machines, tablets, and smartphones by adding, deleting, or resizing fields, controls, and graphics.

Technical Specifications

The application was built using:

  • .NET, C#
  • Web Services
  • SQL and MySQL Servers
  • HTML5,CSS3, Responsive Design
  • JQuery, JS


  • Quadwave helped the ISV to migrate from their old technology solution based out of ASP & ASP.NET to HTML5 based interactive, jQuery & EXT-JS based solution.
  • The solution also helped the client to migrate from a heavy Visio based Process Designer to a web based designer and hence, open up a SaaS enabled process delivery.
  • The product that Quadwave finally delivered to the client redefined the boundaries of enterprise class BPM performance, while providing scalability, manageability, and extensibility.