World leader in data grid and compression gets a Data Center Migration Management Service

The client is a management consulting firm that manages business transformation and large programs including datacenter migration. They needed a platform designed specifically to help the acceleration of datacenter migration programs without increasing the risk, cost, or impact on business services.Situation

The customer has been creating top-of-the-line software components for nearly 20 years. Their focus was on creating and marketing UI controls that help developers and designers to create a compelling user experience. Their components were used and trusted by many of the big companies, government agencies, military units, banks, and universities.

They have provided management expertise and consultation to some of the most complex IT and business data migration programmes.

They wanted to build a data centermigration product that allows complex data centermigration visualisation (with approximately120k configuration items) without increasing the risk, cost, or impact on business services.

So far, the solution was a manual and time-consuming process that took weeks to visualise the goal of data centermigration. Any changes following the reviews took 2-3 weeks to get accomplished.


Quadwave came up with a solution and the customer was able to successfully sell the product to one of the largest banks in the US and secure a long-term deal with them. This solution allowed visualization of “to be” model in hours, rather than in weeks.

The migration platform was designed specifically to help the acceleration of datacenter migration programs without increasing the risk or the cost. The platform utilizes a pre-configured customizable, rule-based design to reduce the migration processes from weeks to hours.

Key Features

  • The user could set up a very large, complex datacenter which can then be migrated to a more efficient structure (virtual servers, cloud-based, sun-setting servers, upgrades etc.).
  • They can visualize “as is” organisation and “to be” organisation of the hardware and software within hours.(Without Quadwave’s software, it took weeks to accomplish this.)
  • Configuration item aggregation, Rules-based design, “What-if”scenario generation, Risk matrix, Integrated workflow, On-demand real-time dashboard information etc. were provided.

Technical Specifications

The application was built using:

  • .NET, C#, ASP.NET Web API, Bryntum
  • ExtJS
  • MS SQL Server
  • Windows Azure Cloud


  • Planning of large complex data centermigration can be done visually (by reducing manual effort, from “weeks on paper” to “hours on computer”).
  • The customer was able to launch the product securing a large order from their clients.
  • Further enhancements and sales are in progress, making this a grand success.