World leader in medical technology gets customized web and workflow solutions


The customer is a world leader in medical technology, providing lifelong solutions for the people with chronic diseases. Various processes and projects were consuming a lot of critical time and they needed a way to automate and streamline these processes.Situation

As a world leader in medical technology, the client provides lifelong solutions for the people suffering from chronic diseases. Most of the operations are usually critical and time-based, and hence, there was a need to automate the processes like HR and customer claims. What they required was a unique tool that could control the entire human resource and the customer claim management.


The solution that Quadwave provided was an excellent example of automation. The project automated the entire processes of the company, from the HR to the orders and requests (claims) for the products.

The solution involved some team based queues to manage the human resources by using easy to use interfaces such as drag and drop functionalities to track the claims.

Key Features

The key features includes the automation of:

  • Multiple process implementations onsite
  • HR processes
  • Claims processing flows
  • Warranty management
  • A critical project managing the life-time warranty of pace-makers installed in various patients, i.e., by proactively managing the preventive maintenance which includes reminder to the patients for the follow-ups and check-ups.

Technical Specifications

The application was built using:

  • .NET, C#, ASP.NET
  • NET
  • Web Services
  • MS SQL Server


  • Apart from being a wholesome example of an enterprise solution, the product was developed onsite and had a short turn-around time for the delivery.