Building Automation Software Services

Building Automation Software Services (BASS)

With the increased focus on Building Management and Energy Management in the global scene, a set of technologies and applications is becoming the focus of many customers. BASS is the latest business unit of Quadwave. BASS provides a technology and automation offering that is specific Building Management Services (BMS) and Energy Management Services (EMS).

BASS includes

  • Building applications interfacing with EMS controllers through their API platforms like Niagara, Trend, Delta
  • Building applications interfacing with newer IoT controllers to manage any hardware
  • Building Analytics Dashboards specific BMS and EMS

Solution for Hospitality Industry

Quadwave has built a tablet based solution called RoomLNQthat interfaces with lighting and other electrical control points within a hotel room in Android and other platforms. This is a customizable (white-labelled) and extendable platform to cover any other equipment.

Data Analytics Platform

Quadwave has developed expertise in the Analytics Framework based on SkySpark.

SkySpark is built with a unique customized database which efficiently manages real-time and time-series data. Data from Excel, CSV, relational databases can be easily imported and connect to real time data via standard protocols including BACnet IP™, oBIX, Modbus TCP, Haystack and Sedona.

Analysis is accomplished with a unique computation “engine” known as Axon. Axon provides a comprehensive set of functions for querying, transforming, and analyzing data.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Take all the high value data that SkySpark produces and visualize the results cleanly and simply. Use SkySpark‘s comprehensive set of built-in apps, or integrate SkySpark into your own solution.