What is Quadwave’s ProductizeIT?

Quadwave’s ProductizeIT offering fills a gap in the market, where a considerable number of IT services companies are losing income. By transforming services into products, IT enabled services companies can multiply their revenue potential several times over.  So what’s stopping them from doing it? Firstly, it’s not easy to step out of the comfort zone, particularly as they are focused on being leaders in their own domain. Secondly, it’s not easy. Taking a leap such as this will help them reach out to a global audience and maximize their revenues but it also comes with huge challenges. With an IT partner like Quadwave, service providers reach their full potential where they can achieve quicker ROI and enhance their performance significantly.


Quadwave comes with the proven skills of a number of experts who conceptualize and pave the way for the development of the product. Understanding the organization’s needs is one of our primary goals. Based on their requirements, we work on the next element of the process. During this phase, Quadwave conceptualizes and discusses the target audience, the competition landscape, which features need to be included and what platform should be considered, with the client. Following this, Quadwave helps in forming a roadmap of the process.

Product Road Map

Analysing the as-is process leads to an understanding of how elements can be improved and this lets us visualise the product road map. We come up with a comprehensive outline of the product that we will develop for the organization, particularly keeping in mind the competition scenario.

Engineering and Delivery

Based on the roadmap, Quadwave’s engineering team gets on board and they start the development of the product. The actual product is then conceived, built and tested extensively and then delivered. This is a crucial step in the process as it is the realization of the idea, the actual productization of the service.


When the service is productized and ready for deployment, Quadwave’s Go Live services come into effect. The product is implemented and customized and finally goes live. Further to this, our involvement also extends to support and maintenance of the system. Feedback from the client is incorporated into the next cycle of ideation and the process continues.

Why Quadwave?

ProductizeIT is a game changer in today’s highly competitive business scenario where you always have to stay one step ahead of the competition while still raking in the profits.

  • It is a clear cut differentiator for small and medium enterprises to compete with larger enterprises and boost their stakes.
  • Provides a scalable product for your existing services
  • Gives a competitive edge to generate exponential revenue
  • Provides a paradigm shift to your organization’s position in the market

Use Case

Who – Management Consulting firm specializing in data center migration

What – Needed complex data center migration visualization without increasing the risk, cost or impact on business services.

Quadwave’s Solution – The migration platform utilizes pre-configured, customizable rule based design to reduce the migration process from weeks to hours.

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