Technology Services

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Technology Services

One of Quadwave’s strong points is the varied technology services that we offer to our clients. Our engineers are equipped with the latest tools and the best training and no doubt, clients have appreciated our efforts. Our focus areas are Universal Apps (Windows, IOS, Android) using tools like Phonegap and Xamarin as well as cloud based solutions (Azure, AWS). Current trends notwithstanding, we are also growing into Big Data and Analytics. The tools we use are both Microsoft Technology Stack (Quadwave is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner) and Java based Open Source Stack (Java, Life Ray, jBPM, Mule, Alfresco).

Microsoft CoE

Quadwave has an enduring relationship with Microsoft, and it has continued growing step by step over the years. With a deep understanding of MS technologies, products and the direction, we have been working as a partner with Microsoft, delivering various projects for Microsoft, MS Partners and MS references for over eight years.

Quadwave is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development Competency. We have a large team of dedicated .NET professionals, who can deliver applications using various MS Technologies.

Java and Open Source CoE

Quadwave has architected many complex Java Platform based solutions that have included many open source tools. We have very experienced architects, who can support building complex enterprise solutions using a range of products and tools like Liferay, jBPM, Alfresco, Mule, MySQL, Hadoop and many other.

Enterprise Applications

The experience pool is vast and deep. At one end, a top-end payroll processing system was delivered to support 100,000+ employees, reducing the processing time to from days to hours, with configurable elements to support complex payroll system required in India to relatively simpler payroll system in the Western world. We have built complex search engine to support one of premier portals in India.

When a customer needed to support a subscription and content delivery system through SMS in 14 vernacular languages, with varied sources, Quadwave was able to provide a solution that scaled up to 1m+ customers in a short time frame.

Cloud Deployment

Of late, all of our enterprise applications are deployed to various cloud environments. Our teams have worked on private clouds as much as AWS and other platforms.
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