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Quadwave Consulting, Bangalore, India:

Business Process Management

The Problem:

A leading software product company specializing in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) workflow software solutions needed a solution to monitor the organization’s business processes for Clause 49 compliance as per the guidelines laid down by SEBI. They required a solution that would allow them to manage all the documents, tasks and processes required for compliance and allow the CEO / CFO to assess the compliance levels before certification.

The Solution:   

The solution provided by Quadwave allowed the organization to monitor their business processes’ compliance with SEBI. This application used workflows to monitor and track the business processes of an organization. It provided dashboards that allowed the CEO / CFO to review the level of compliance across various categories and helped them assess the situation before management certification.

The application was built around a web based workflow engine and leveraged the workflow engine capability to create rules for Clause 49 compliance laws. The technologies used in this solution were .Net, Sharepoint Server, SQL Server, Skelta

Key Features and Benefits

  • Structure provided for mapping and testing   
  • Workflow implementation
  • Documenting Controls and Managing Risk
  • Checklists and Reports
  • Comprehensive Solution on Microsoft Technologies and products
  • Personalization features
  • Document management through tried and tested solution – MS SharePoint Server

This solution allowed the organization to successfully track and monitor adherence to processes and level of compliance to the guidelines and report to management on so that they could assess the risk levels and material weaknesses before making decisions about management certification.