Vinayaka Prabhu

Vinayaka Prabhu

Director, Technology Innovations

Vinayaka Prabhu heads the Tech Innovation wing across multiple technology stacks. Be it Mobile, Cloud, Blockchain or Hybrid solutions, Vinayaka and his team are the Black Cat commandos to jump in find out innovative solutions.

He is a competent, dynamic, highly motivated senior technologist with more than a decade of experience in Microsoft and Front end technologies.

He has been helping customers find their way to the best solution and deliver amazing experience in both Web and Mobile Applications. His contribution has been very beneficial to clients in terms of achieving their goal with the applications built.

He is one of the architects to enhance a cutting edge product called Amper (a product that combines Blockchain, process, data, events and ML flows as simple drag & drop constructs to develop any apps on web or on mobile).

He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and communications from VTU.

The one thing he always carries on his exploration is his camera.